Appreciate Yourself: Success Story 3

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This post includes my third personal success story.  I decided to interview my good friend Trahera Neely. Her caring and compassionate spirit was just the thing I needed, when first moving to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I moved to the coast knowing only my Husbands immediate family, whom happens to be predominately male and 30 years my senior. Therefore, I will never forget those first few phone calls she made, to check in on me. Trahera’s lively spirit and determination for life has made the days of those she touches that much brighter.  With that being said my appreciation tip for the week is: Reach out and call somebody.  You never know who just needs a friend to lend an ear. Trade acknowledgements of each other’s accomplishments or progress.

It is all for the greater good of sharing your purpose with the world. Whatever that purpose may be.  So please go out there and celebrate what is great about you and celebrate what your people know to be true: you are unique and that is why they want to be around you. Just imagine what it would be like if you never were longing for someone else to say, “I am so proud of you!” or someone else to say, “Good Job!” or someone else to say, “I love you.” How powerful that would be!

Name: Trahera Neely

Location: Gulfport, MS

Occupation: Teacher

Favorite Thing to do: Shopping for shoes!

Can you share a story about one of your successes?  I am proud of going back to school and obtaining a degree.  I have always had a desire to learn. It has always been a challenge because I have a family and a career that I am committed to.  What really, drove me to go back was the economy and that burning desire to learn.


What did you learn from this experience?  I learned that you are never too old to learn.  Sometimes you are at the right place at the right time.  Initially, I would beat myself up about waiting to go back to school.  However, I learned that this was my time to be there.  Everything has an order and sequence to it.

How has it helped you grow? It showed me what my purpose in life is. It was not just about the degree. It was about my personal growth and my passion. I know now that my purpose is to help others.

How can/or do you celebrate the gains and accomplishments in your life? I love getting together with friends.  After my graduation ceremony, my friends organized a celebration dinner with family.  Everyone reflected on my journey and acknowledged my accomplishment.  We discussed some of the adversities faced while in school and how I was able to overcome them.

Words of encouragement….
People have always told me to get a degree so that you can make a better living, however it is really about pursuing your passion.  The degree is not about the money.  I may not make all that much money in this field.  However, I will gain a richer quality of life because I am operating in the gifts that God gave me!

My Final Thoughts!

I am proud of you T.  Contact me at if you would like to share your personal success story? If there is someone in your life that you believe needs to have their story told, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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