A Relationship Coaching Workbook

The “You Can Fix Your Relationship: A Relationship Self Coaching Workbook!”, will give you the tools necessary to proactively solve problems and enhance the love in your relationship. See Below!

You Can Fix Your Relationship
  • Tips for Over Coming Infidelity. Rebuild trust through action oriented exercise.
  • Improve communication. Tear down those walls the impede conversation.
  • Spend More Quality Time. Getting enough couple time builds intimacy, passion, and commitment.
  • Be Courageous. Learn how to have those difficult conversations with your partner.
  • Enhance Intimacy. Great sex strengthens your bond, which in turn strengthens your relationship.
You Can Fix Your Relationship- A Relationship Self-Coaching Workbook
Invest in your happiness!
Do you find yourself arguing with your partner over a  T.V. channel, dishes, laundry, or yard work etc. This self-coaching tool will help you discuss those difficult matters.

Get To The Heart of The Matter!

  • Learn how to discuss problems when angry.
  • Develop your communication skills.
  • Maintain that connection.
  • Understand your partner’s unmet needs.
Getting To The Heart Of The Matter
Heal Your Heart Affirmations

Heal Your Heart Affirmations. Purchase audio, video, & pdf

  • These downloadable program will help you heal your heart. It will teach you about the power of affirmations as well as give you an actionable plan to start to process those underlying emotions associated with heartbreak. Heartbreak can come from grief, loss, betrayal, or disappointment. Achieve your hearts desires! Manifest healing today! Package is only 5 dollars.
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Find Out If Your Ready To Commit-Relationship Coaching Tool

Commitment in relationships manifests itself in different ways for different people.  Are you truly ready to invest all of your energy, time, and well-being to this person.

How Do You Know It Is Time To Commit Yourself To A New Relationship!

  • Are you ready?
  • Are you excited at the prospect of having someone by your side?
  • Do you feel as though your stringing your partner along?
  • Does commitment scare you?
  • Set your commitment goals.
  • Learn how to communicate your commitment decisions.
  • Understand your partner’s unmet needs.
Find Out If Your Ready To Commit: A Relationship Coaching Tool