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Someone To Listen To You

How would your life change if you could talk to someone who really listens? Someone who listens without…

Your Life Coaches don’t interject their own insecurities, fears, beliefs or agendas…

Giving you unasked for or unhelpful advice…

Judging or analyzing you…

Helping you stay stuck in your rut because they’re in one too…

Discounting your feelings, hopes and dreams, even with the best intentions, by saying things like: “Don’t worry about your weight. Everyone packs on a few pounds at your age” or “At least your job pays the bills.”

Imagine how your life might be if you had someone listening to you whom you could always count on to:

Be a confidential sounding board

Listen to you with undivided attention

Listen objectively and with compassion

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Updates & Latest News!

Discover Your Greatest Self.

Some friends have negative outlooks and are energy drains. Others can be a wonderful part of your support system. In today’s fast paced, electronic media driven world with all its distractions, marvelous as many of them are, it’s not always easy to listen attentively. Also when you’re close to someone, there are many relationship dynamics and personal agendas that intercept the type of objectivity a life coach provides. A life coach is also trained in listening skills as well as a process of asking questions at the right times and providing feedback.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Myers and Yaya Diamond.

Life Coaching requires trust, competency and skill to facilitate a client centered conversation that will take you to the next level. I was interviewed by Yaya Diamond on Dream Chaser Radio, Check out the interview to the left. Have you ever thought about finding a mentor? Tune in to this landmark episode where Yaya and Dr. Myers will tell you how this could be in your future!

You Can Fix Your Relationship Coaching Packages & Online Course

Relationship Coaching is facilitated with 1 to 1 weekly sessions, 24/7 crisis support and weekly experiential exercises. Life happens. We have all experienced adversity. Challenges have a tendency of hitting you when you least expect it. Events such as sickness, lost loved ones, job changes, financial problems, and more. Sometimes life circumstances can make relationships tough. Even when there are good changes like the birth of a child, the purchase of a new home, or the start of a new and better job, stress can be added to your relationship. If you feel like you’re in that place today, I’ve got something that could help. It’s called “You Can Fix Your Relationship” which includes an online resource library.

  • You will learn how to get your needs met.
  • You will learn how to get your partner to change.
  • You will learn how to stop dwelling on the past.
  • You will learn how to reconnect and build intimacy.
  • You will learn how to avoid separation.

Grand Opening!

We have opened our Laughlin, NV Location! We are excited to say that we are offing both coaching and counseling services in Laughlin, NV. You have the option of working with Dr. Myers in an individual counseling capacity, Durron Myers in a grief and energy healing capacity or with both us from the team coaching approach. We will give you actionable steps and activities to mend your challenges. You will gain insight from both a spiritual and psychological perspective that is backed by over 14 years of education and life. This content is taken from the specialized schools of thought in anger management, couples coaching and clinical mental health counseling. We saw a unique opportunity to combine these backgrounds to meet couples and individuals on their level. We achieving results. We have seen marriages come back from the brink of divorce. We have seen individuals manage their anger in provocative situations. We have seen people achieve change!

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