A Message From God

A Message From God

God’s Message Of Love For Those Making The Shift

Humanity is shifting and changing. Our perspectives are changing. Shifting means that we as a people are moving closer to God and holding more love/light. This in itself will change our current realities. As your consciousness increases, life will feel slower, more thoughtful and strategically planned. It is like your life is playing out on a movie screen. You are now harnessing more power to manifest change. As a result, you will experience new beginnings, wholeness, and oneness. You will find yourself seeing difficult live events happening before they happen.

All of your here and now manifestations are slowing down to give birth to new and different manifestations. You will no longer react to what life is throwing your way. You will see it and be able to plan your reactions. You may even find life events that are unpleasant/uncomfortable as a funny or interesting. You will realize that you were placed in situations divinely. If at the time there was discomfort, you can reach new epiphanies about these uncomfortable situations. The following thought patterns will develop if you have made this choice to shift.  Once again, shifting means that your are moving closer to God.

  1. You will reflect deeply on past decisions.
  2. You will slow down and process your experiences through reflection.
  3. You will love yourself deeper. It is like a relationship that has finally matured. Your relationship with yourself has matured. Your intuition and knowing has gone deeper then you ever imagined.
  4. You will no longer desire to play into 3D fear tactics. (news, corona virus, celebrity gossip, movies, and tv shows). For example, a corona is a glowing light surrounding an object or a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown. This “Corona Virus” was created to dim our light, which in terms shifts us further away from God’s love, which results in negative manifestations. It was created in attempt to bring our energies back into the 3D patterns.  As we shift into a new dimensional reality, we must shed our skin of the desire to feed into the idiosyncrasies of our external reality. Many feel a detachment from politics. It is like growing out of clubbing/partying every weekend.
  5. You will desire more water, less food and gravitate to activities that make you feel good. You will fight for your peace and happiness through activity.
  6. Political beliefs will no longer keep people apart, because those that choose to shift have opened their hearts to respect and love. Divisive opinions are viewed just as that and will no longer impact our ability to share love and respect with those that are different.
  7. The new babies will hold this new energy so that we do not fall back into 3D energy. The ADHD diagnosed children will be needed to create structure and resonance of these new energies.
  8. You  will manifest your desires through inspiration.
  9. You will pray with your heart using gratitude. Prayers are reflections of gratitude. Praying to ask for things is no longer needed. A knowing of your desires aligned with gratitude and love will help you manifest your desires.

The reason why Negativity Exists: New 5D energy!

Now we shall speak on negativity. Negativity is a part of God. Those that hold negative energy are those that choose not to return to God’s love and light. God’s loves for them (negative entities) allows them to exist. The have the freedom to choose to embody darkness. They have forgotten who they are in God. God’s mercy allows them to exist.

The ways of the universe that of which God wrote, will not allow God to withdraw mercy from those that hold dark energy. If God withdraws mercy he would go against who he/she is. This withdrawal will dissolve those that hold the light and dark as we are all one. It is complicated but simple. Demons and other negative entities exist because of my love.

Many humans ask the question, how could God let a child die? How could God let people get away with bad things? Deep in the intricacies of the person’s akashic record, the choice for their exits were made. Choice is what keeps us all going. Respect for an individual’s choice is an act of love. God is love.

Intent is at the heart of manifestation. As humanity fell deeper into the 3D, the choice was made to move further away from Gods grace. Adam and Eve fell from Grace and fell into Grace in a new way. The animal consciousness was in 4D when the choice to fall was made. God furthers states, “know that I am”. God intended to make you and the universe around you. God divided himself and birthed galaxies, planets and people. Destruction is a result of taking away choice. You were made by choice/intent for choice.

God is here for you. God loves you. God is enlightening you. God is you. God is all around you. Everything you do is in the right. Every time you see a beautiful bird, butterfly, rainbow, landscape that is God. You can never fail. You are made by love for love.