The Alpha Male…
A woman needs to feel attraction for a guy beyond friendship. Women are attracted to confidence and masculinity. If you are nervous, anxious or hesitant around a woman, she will sense this fear and it will turn her off. The men who were successful in passing along their genes were the ones who embraced risk and succeeded in their quests.
Women that love these traits are team alpha male. Men who failed the challenge, or who were too risk averse to attempt it, ended their genetic lines with their own deaths.  Women select long-term mates according to a long list of alpha male characteristics. Those include alpha traits like social dominance, physical prowess, and symmetry. They also include what might be called beta traits, including ability to provide, kindness, honesty, demonstration of love and affection, intelligence, compatibility, dependability and industriousness. In the current era, the omega male at the very top of the dominance hierarchy – the most alpha of all alpha descendants, are highly problematic as husbands and fathers, as reflected in rates of marriage, infidelity, fatherhood and divorce. Proceed with extreme caution. Be aware of why you are attracted to those alpha male personality traits
Alpha Male Personality Traits Alpha Risk
Dominant, confident, takes charge Doesn’t develop strong leaders; intimidating; creates fear; stifles disagreement
Charismatic, magnetic leader who leads the way Manipulates to get his way, uses charm to lure people down his path
Aggressive, competitive Competes with peers; alienates colleagues; reluctant to give others credit
High achiever with a strong sense of mission Takes high levels of performance for granted;expects the impossible and fails to acknowledge what’s required to achieve it
Bold, creative, innovative thinker Arrogant, stubborn, overly opinionated; imposes own views; closed to others’ thinking
Persistent, tenacious, determined, steadfast Drives self and others to exhaustion; urgent; impatient; thinks rules don’t apply to him
Strong appetite for newness and change Overzealous; undervalues organizational alignment; launches into action before gathering support from others
Farsighted; sees what’s possible So focused on future that present and near term are neglected; loses sight of business viability
Sees what’s missing Can be critical, demeaning; fails to appreciate others’ contributions; people feel demoralized