A Message From God

God’s Message of Love for Those Making The Shift

God is sending a message of love for those making the shift.
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Thoughts on Workshops for Ministries: Anger Management

It’s important to understand the power that is available…
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How to tell your partner you are upset, without causing them to get defensive….

  Often, when someone does something to you that…

Appreciate Yourself: Success Story 3

This post includes my third personal success story.  I decided…
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Do people get defensive when you try to communicate with them?

Bad communication is often characterized by the use of “you” language. For example “you are...”, “you should...,” you people...,” and “you better...”. These directives come across as demanding, passing judgment, or like you are ordering people around.

Ladies, what is it about bad boys?

I often hear women say that bad guys are more fun. If this bad…

Appreciate Yourself: Success Story 1!

This post includes my first personal success story.  I decided…
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Appreciate Yourself! Share your success story!

  When was the last time you acknowledged your successes?…