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When was the last time you acknowledged your successes? When was the last time you toasted to all that you have accomplished? Do you say, “Thank you” or “You did it!” to yourself on a regular basis? Celebrating ourselves should not be taken for granted. When we don’t celebrate our success we are letting it die. When it dies it takes a small piece of us with it. Yes, I mean when we don’t say, “I am Great!” it is like we are ignoring our progress, our work and our efforts. When we ignore them, it’s like they didn’td happen. It’s like our efforts have gone unnoticed. Often, instead of giving ourselves credit, we look for validation outside. We want it from our friends, parents, bosses, spouses and even our children. Often, we feel like they don’t appreciate us. I say it is time we learn to acknowledge ourselves. Whenever you are looking for outside validation, take it as an opportunity to give it to yourself instead.

All the time we have spent seeking validation, love, acknowledgement or praise from outside, it has been within us, waiting to be tapped. It is inside you in abundance just longing to be released. What would it feel like to tap into that power?

That is the future goal of my blog.  In the past I have tried to write about topics of interest.  However, I just don’t believe that they were truly tapping into the needs of my clients.  I think that we all need a space to celebrate ourselves, which is free from judgment and personal agendas.  That is my goal as a coach.  I do not have much, but what I do have is a commitment to follow what I believe to be my purpose.  I know that one of my strengths include my ability to listen.  I will feature one individual per week.  They will be interviewed and given the opportunity to share their success. Therefore, I encourage you to tell me your story. If there is someone in your life that you believe needs to have their story told, contact me. When we tell our stories and others bear witness, the notion that we are disconnected beings experiencing life alone dissolves under the weight of evidence that this whole concept is merely an illusion and that millions of others are going through it just like us. Use this blog as a place of community.  I am not doing this for myself but to help serve others. Thank you for reading.

Contact me at if you would like to share your personal success story? If there is someone in your life that you believe needs to have their story told, don’t hesitate to reach out!sucess

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