Quick Exercise-Quotes


Quotes are all over Facebook and Instagram now a days! So, here is a fun personal reflection exercise that turns quotes into a powerful tool for your personal development. Try it & let us know if it has made an impact.

1. Read the quotes on the Myers Life Coaching Facebook Page or anywhere else you may come across one and pay attention to how each quote makes you FEEL. Notice which quote:
b) RESONATES with you?
2. Write out these 2 quotes on a post-it and put them somewhere you’ll see them often (eg. your bathroom mirror, fridge or wallet).
3. Over the next 4 weeks, each time you notice the quotes, ask:
a) “What is this quote teaching me today/now?”
b) “How could I apply this information in my life?”
c) What can I do in the next two weeks to bring more joy, passion and purpose to my life?

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