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Iceberg of Emotions

Energy In Motion equals Emotion: Iceberg of Consciousness

A common analogy made in behavioral health treatment is that our emotional experiences present themselves in the same way that an iceberg in the ocean would. Above the waterline is the tip of the iceberg, which may be expressed as anger, irritability, apathy, happiness, etc. Underneath that water line we can then find our underlying emotions and subconscious thoughts. With that being said, I thought it would be beneficial to represent the Hawkins Scale in much of the same way.
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Family Mediation

Family Mediation: The Way To Go

Family mediation, known also as Divorce Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution, is a method of resolving family issues after a broken relationship. It helps resolve issues of sharing access to children and the break-up of assets without resorting to costly legal and court fees. The mediator plays the role of a third-party, impartial mediator who aids agreement.