Past Life Regression Therapy Laughlin NV, Las Vegas NV, Bullhead City AZ, Kingman AZ, Lake Havasu AZ

A Message From God

If you are noticing negative re-occurring events in your life, past life regression therapy (PLRT) may be of benefit to you. PLRT resolves the past to be more present in the now.

1) Resolve Issues; effecting your present life negatively now. Past lives are veiled for a reason, but we can lift the veil if we have a good reason, like overcoming limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are inhibiting our spiritual growth.

  • A limiting belief may be ‘I’m not the kind of person that can have a good relationship. An emotional block may be a fear of commitment.
  • PLRT will help you regress to the cause and fix it, just as we would with hypnotherapy. Past life recall may come up invited and intentionally, or arise spontaneously.

2) Spiritual Insight will be gained; that reconnects with clients past positive experiences. Applications of Past Life Regression Therapy…

  • We follow-up insights with therapeutic tools. 1) Resolve Therapeutic Issues; Multiple causative events can contribute to a client’s present issue. We can start with the most recent layer, then move deeper.
  • Insights Into Karmic Actions; Present life experiences can be seen as a consequence of our past actions. As we get to the final session and resolutions, we will look at karma, to understand past actions and make new balancing actions, or to accept life circumstances. So PLRT looks not just at the action, but at the intentions, and how this impacts on the emotional, mental and karmic imprints they take into the present life. We can work with those old vows and make new vows that are appropriate for present life realities, and resolves the imprints and residues


  • You are guided into a DEEP relaxed state via meditation and hypnotic techniques.
  • You are NOT sleeping, and are ALWAYS aware and in control.
  • Your body may feel asleep but your mind is awake.
  • When in this deep state you can activate enhanced states of awareness, open communication with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Past lives and… SO MUCH MORE.
  • This is a process of DIRECT EXPERIENCE and NOT a psychic reading.
  • I will show you how you to access your unconscious memories, gain true meaning and get the answers to your innermost questions.

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