Ladies, what is it about bad boys?

I often hear women say that bad guys are more fun. If this bad guy makes you feel lousy, emotionally drained, or even sick, he is toxic and not worth the time. Often these bad guys are emotionally unavailable, making them even more seductive. There is something primal about being the pursuer and the perused. This is where the addiction begins. Most women love a little drama. Chasing someone can be very addictive. Most women are lukewarm with guys that they do not have to chase. There is something luring about being able to tame a bad guy. After all, taming a bad boy will prove that you have something that most other women don’t have, right? Most women think about their bad boy all day, talk to their friends about him, and strategize their next move. Ladies, remember a guy has to think he likes you more than you like him, to keep his interest. Here is a list of bad boy traits that women find addictive…

1.) Aggressive
2.) Dominant
3.) Indifferent
4.) Adventurous
5.) Very masculine
6.) Backbone
7.) Mysterious
8.) Gives women a feeling of power
9.) Smooth-talkers
10.) Unpredictable

Ladies, did you know that narcissistic individuals have been found to be more “flashier”, more confident” and more likeable (Holtzman & Strube, 2012). It is assumed that physically attractive people are the better people. From what I have experienced, the external traits are only a small percentage of what is necessary for successful relationships. Here is a list of traits that I believe are necessary for a long-term commitment…

1.) Strong moral code
2.) Work ethic
3.) Shared life goals
4.) Respects you as a women
5.) Selfless
6.) Faithful
7.) Respects family
8.) Good listener
9.) Protective
10.) Spirituality

I wish you all the best and I believe that there is someone out there for everyone. No one is perfect and differences must be worked out. However, both parties must like that person enough to stick around and try. If you ever want a free coaching session to discuss this topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Have a peaceful and profitable life!untitled

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