Appreciate Yourself: Success Story 1!

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This post includes my first personal success story.  I decided to interview my aunt the beautiful Dolores Waller. Her lively spirit and passion for music has always inspired me.  With that being said my appreciation tip for the week is: Call up a friend and schedule a walk or coffee date. Trade acknowledgements of each other’s accomplishments or progress.

It is all for the greater good of sharing your purpose with the world. Whatever that purpose may be.  So please go out there and celebrate what is great about you and celebrate what your people know to be true: you are unique and that is why they want to be around you. Just imagine what it would be like if you never were longing for someone else to say, “I am so proud of you!” or someone else to say, “Good Job!” or someone else to say, “I love you.” How powerful that would be!

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Success Story 1

Name: Dolores Waller

Location: Glen Cove

Occupation: Musical Evangelist

Favorite Thing to do: I enjoy performing, writing, and listening to music.

Can you share a story about one of your successes.. (What are you proud of)  One of my successes included me completing two new songs from my up and coming cd.  The project required a lot of time, money, and help from some very talented musicians.  They helped me musically articulate what was in my heart and mind.

What did you learn from this experience? I learned the complexity of putting a song together that is broadcast ready. The song had to be layered, instrumentation mixed, vocals laid, engineered and copy written.

How has it helped you grow? The process matured me in my music ministry.  I realized that it is more than entertainment. You have to love what you do, to stick with creating music.

I plan on having a cd release party. I want to share the accomplishment with all of my family and friends.

How can/or do you celebrate the gains and accomplishments in your life?  I like to go to a movie and treat myself to an evening out.  I also enjoy going to the spa or salon.

Words of encouragement….

Never give up on your dreams because life is never what it seems, push towards your goals, you never know what God has in store for you.

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