Appreciate Yourself: Success Story 2!

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Success Story 2

Name: Corrie Polendey

Location: Palos Heights, IL

Occupation: Games Dealer, Horseshoe Casino

Favorite Thing to do: I enjoy going to gun range, hanging out with friends, and getting mani/pedi’s.

Can you share a story about one of your successes. (What are you proud of) I recently completed craps class. Every day I thought about giving up, just like most people that take on the challenge of dealing craps. The game is so difficult because there are so many variables and things to remember. All of the math must be done in your head and at that moment. Multitasking is crucial. As a dealer, I must remember the bets of all 8 players on the table. It can become very overwhelming, when you have these eight people yelling at you. I am proud of my performance on the floor and looking forward to becoming a great dealer.

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What did you learn from this experience? I learned that although I wanted to give up every day, I learned that the more time and effort that I put into it, I then realized that I could really do it. I also learned that it is ok to ask your friends and colleagues to support you. I always thought that being a dealer was easy. I have a new found respect for dealers.

How has it helped you grow? I learned that I am capable of doing this. I know that I am going to be good at dealing craps in the future. I have grown; I know that it is ok to step outside of my comfort zone. It feels good, knowing that I can handle the intensity of dealing craps.

How can/or do you celebrate the gains and accomplishments in your life? I like to relax and schedule some time to go out with friends. I like to wind down and socialize with friends.

Words of encouragement….
When things get tough, and you feel like your obstacles are bigger than you, keep pushing forward, have faith in yourself, no matter what you have to do, you can do it. It may be hard or uncomfortable, but push yourself, go the extra mile, take that extra 20 minutes, push yourself. The end reward is priceless!

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