A Message From God

God’s Message of Love for Those Making The Shift

God is sending a message of love for those making the shift.
5 Tips For Feeling Better

5 Tips For Feeling Better

Rather than focusing on what other people have that you do not have, focus on the things that you actually do have yourself. If you happen to have a jar with loose change in it someplace in your house, then you are more wealthy already than most people in the world.
Black Life Coaches

Five Ways To Develop Your Skills On The Job

The best way to develop your skills on the job is to consistently feed your career with knowledge and skills that show that you’re worth the promotion or raise. Here are a couple of hacks, that if you take advantage of, could help you improve yourself at work.
First Steps Toward An Oil Career
Why Couples should be tired of Comparisons in Relationships

Why Couples should be tired of Comparisons in Relationships. Save Love Las Vegas!

Comparison is generally the fast track to unhappiness. Comparisons…
Why We Need Omega Males, Not Alpha or Beta Males...
workshops for ministries

Thoughts on Workshops for Ministries: Anger Management

It’s important to understand the power that is available…

Usain Bolt: 6 things we can learn from his success

We have all been moved by Usain Bolt’s Olympic performances.…

Overcoming Infidelity! Webinar 3/22/2016

  Did you miss our live event, Overcoming Infidelity?…
how to deal with those annoying coworkers

How to deal with those annoying coworkers?

There are going to be people at work that you do not…
Football Fans Guide to Marriage

21 Marriage Tips! A Football Fans Guide to a Better Marriage!

Yes it can. Football brings thousands of couples together…