2020 Orange Energies of Love

2020 Orange Energies of Love

2020 Orange Energies of Love

by Dr. Jasmine Myers

The Collective of Abraham brought forth a message regarding love in 2020. Many are familiar with Abraham as per the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks. The collective of Abraham is an energetic consciousness. This consciousness is multidimensional, multi-faceted and of multi-consciousness that comes from the non-physical dimension. They offer blocks of thought that is received at a subconscious level.

It is important that we are to be confident in who we are. This confidence will allow us to love more fully. We are going to see the collision of dualistic forces. Meaning as humanity ascends into the next level of consciousness, we will clash with old ways of thinking that are a part of our past reality.

I was shown a thunderstorm and the making of a thunderstorm. When the warm air rises and collides with the cold air. Drafts of cooled air sink earthward. At the same time, electrical charges accumulate on cloud particles. After the charge builds up, we see lightning. Lightning heats the air it passes through so intensely and quickly that shock waves are produced, creating thunder.

We are rising in consciousness as a planet and as we adjust to these new frequencies, charges of energy are building. These charges will form lightning strikes after the buildup. The thunder is reflective of new decisions, thoughts, feelings, physiological responses and ways of behaving. The thunder is necessary to bring in the physical manifestations of your vortex. Your vortex as defined by Abraham as the place where all dreams and desires are held until we find vibrational alignment with them. Being in the vortex means that you are in alignment with source energy and that you are at one with who you really are.

Everything that you desire is in a vibrational reality waiting for you to align with it. I was then shown the mixing of colors, bringing together red and yellow to form orange. From the base of the human’s spine to the top of the head, you can find seven chakras. They appear like energy wheels that run through the body. It is a crucial source of the invisible energy in our bodies. The chakras keep us active, lively and vibrant every day. Therefore, at the back of our bodies, there is an arrangement of 7 chakra colors. The sacral chakra color is orange for vitality and strength. The Buddhists call this “hara”, the center of being through which we connect with the deepest voice of the self. Orange energy can transform the most mundane daily experiences into pleasurable experiences and is also associated with the nurturing of ourselves.

First, The new ascension energies of 2020 will increase that inner alignment with source. More of humanity will align with their God self, resulting in charged buildups/tensions within familiar and established interpersonal relationships. You may find yourself setting firmer boundaries with those close to you. These people may not like these new boundaries. But with this new energy you will be able to handle the conflict that arises from these situation with tact, patients and understanding. If you decide to walk away from relationships, you will not feel fear. These orange energies will give you confidence and an inner knowing that you have made the right decision and that there is no lack, fear or loss. You will know that your transition is for the greater good of who you are. If you decided to stay in relationships after the thunderstorm, you will know that your new boundaries are meant to create balance and harmony within your life.

Relationships will shift. They will collide in new ways for growth. Growth may look like separation or new found connection. People will run less but if they do walk away, they will walk away with confidence. People are no longer going to leave out of fear. Just think of the U.S.’s 50% divorce rate. People will leave out of love for themselves.

If separation is not your path, that atmospheric pressure of your relationship will change and resonate as new. Your relationship will look altogether new. You will understand your level of responsibility. You will have a new sense of empowerment and forward thought that will allow one to push forward in love. It is time to trust who you are. We are spiritual creators having a human experience. Love yourself for your resilience and willingness to love.

Second, with this new Orange energy it is important to pause and allow yourself to feel good, when something goes well. If your partner does something small, like take out the trash after your first request for them to do so, stop and enjoy the moment.  You deserve to experience good things. You deserve to celebrate success. We have the tendency to quickly look over our partners small successes and focus on the bad out of fear.

The 2020 orange energy will erase this way of thinking. Many fear that those bad things will threatened and jeopardize the sanctity of their relationships. This fear is keeping you in the place of not having your needs met in the relationships. The nagging, fear, and worry is creating resistance, which attracts more of what you do not want. The 2020 energies will help you set new vibrational boundaries in these areas.  Everything you want is in a vibrational reality (vortex) for you. If your desire is that of collaboration and shared responsibility in your romantic relationships, you have to get out ahead of it and know that it is present in your relationship. Celebrating those moments of success, will bring about new moments of success.

Your newfound love for yourself, will strengthen the love you will share with others. You have everything you need within you to make the shift and experience love. Life will look brighter, new, and ever more exciting in 2020.