Are you a predator or the prey?

Predatory Relationships

Predatory Relationships

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Did you know that there are people out there that seek out vulnerable partners. Have you ever heard the term “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”, well the lover that is charming, attractive, and feels as though they have rescued you from grief, loneliness, pain, and uncertainty could very well be out to suck the life out of you.  Now by all means, I want to clarify that not all attractive and charming people are predators, but I do believe that the charm and charisma is a part of the initial phase of the predators attack.  These predators seek out people with self esteem issues or don’t have a good support unit like family or friends. These predators like to do this because they want their partner to become dependent on them.  They will build their partner’s confidence up just enough to make them feel good enough for them and only them. The predator gets a sense of security in knowing that there partner does not feel good enough for anyone else. It is all about control.  These people use guilt, sex, money, promising rewards,  and even children to maintain control.  Control is an illusion, the long-term reality is that we cannot control others.  Utilized the following checklist to determine if you may be with a predator/energy drainer. If you have checked at least 6 of the following, you may need to think through things.  If you do not receive a since of peace and happiness within your relationship, seek professional help.


Signs of a Predator

Check all that apply

  •        Nothing is their fault
  •        Their way or the Highway


  •        Whatever you want they want the opposite


  •        You work overtime on the relationship they don’t work at all


  •        They will make up stories about you


  •        They are never there for you, ever


  •        They are blind to your love, emotions


  •        They lie, cheat, steal and/or have addictions


  •        They are impulsive and bored easy


  •        They play pretend and if you don’t follow their script they will throw a temper tantrum or give you the silent treatment


  •        They manipulate, control and abuse you


  •        You feel drained