What is a Side Piece!

What is a side piece? A girl on the side, a girl you call up at 2 am and she knows what’s up, no attachments.  A person who willingly chooses to pursue affairs with others who are either married or are already in committed relationships with someone else.

Side piece relationships are a major part of our culture, can be heard in more than half the songs you hear on the radio, and needs to be a topic of discussion. With the explosion of Twitter and Instagram, everyone has become accustomed to seeing people do things that they normally wouldn’t do – like air out their private lives to the world. It is not out of place to see people actually argue, belittle and bully others online. There was a time when being a mistress or a male lover on the side was not a good thing and was severely frowned upon; it was gossiped about in barber shop and laughed at.

Why do people have side pieces?

  • For most men, a side piece is a woman who is open intimately and performs sexual acts that the committed partner will not do.
  • For a few others, she’s someone he goes to get away from a nagging or nit picky wife. She is a voice of reason that will listen to him. The side piece is someone who he thinks appreciates him for who he is. Someone who he thinks won’t take him for granted.
  • A few justify it by saying it’s a lot cleaner because they know that the woman they’re getting involved with is usually drug and disease free.  It is also believed that she is only sleeping with that man. However, how do you know that she is not sleeping around with other men? The relationship is not exclusive.

What does a relationship as a side piece look like?

  •  They are short term and can end at any time.
  • There is no emotional connection. However, ladies remember, it is hard for women to separate emotions from the physical, so keep that in mind. You are just a convenience. If he says he loves you or wants you to have his baby, he may be full of it.
  • Know that all promises made to you mean NOTHING. Even promises to leave their partner mean nothing.
  • Sex is on demand. The whole reason you are a side piece is because you provide needed sexual access.
  • Any gifts that you receive are for the purposes of maintaining your accessibility as a sexual partner.
  • Pregnancy or telling the wife or main girlfriend will only causes more pain.

How do you know you are a side piece? I have worked with a lot of women that do not even know they are a side pieces.  They believe that they are dating and that they have found their future husband.  If your man exhibits at least four of the following, consider that you may not be the only women in the picture.

  • They turn their phone off around you or never answer it around you.
  • No dates-Papa Johns and Netflix are part of the side piece toolkit.
  • You haven’t met his friends or been to his house.
  • They’re not on Facebook or if they are, pictures of you get un-tagged.
  • He likes to take you out of town for dates.
  • He will say things like- “Let’s keep this between us…” or “I’m a private person…”beware!

Final Thoughts… I have an experiment that you can do with your man. Ask him where does he see the relationship going in the next five years? Regardless of the answer, look at his reaction, any form of hesitation, lack of eye contact, or defensive behavior may mean that something is up. I want to close by saying this… Having a side piece often destroys families, careers, reputations, etc. By going outside of your relationship, you are bringing a person into your life that can provide you with a std, get you fired from your job, make you lose access to your children, or worse. The long-term effects of having affairs are not good. It may feel nice to have someone to talk to or who can sexually meet your desires. However, ultimately that side piece is going to need or expect more. When this happens, they are no longer going to be what you desire them to be. P.S, I have attached an audio file of a song that my Husband, “Brazie” Wrote.  It is titled “Girl on the Side”. Check it Out!  If you would like to download the song, message me!

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