How do you feel when others find your partner attractive? The truth is this can help your love life!

I posted this question on Facebook and received an overwhelming response.  I realized that being in a relationship with someone that attracts a lot of attention is a topic worth discussing. Here is how it goes…

1.)Many people consider it a compliment that other people are checking for their partner!

2.) People see it as compliment and a boost to their image, but often feel challenged!

3.) Some people have even stated that their partners would prefer if they get fat and do not put themselves together to keep the eyes of anyone else off of them!

3.) Feeling challenged means that jealousy/insecurity has reared it’s ugly head!

5.) Now, if someone aggressively steps to your partner in front of you that is disrespect and a entirely topic!

Face it, you have hit the jackpot and have found someone that compliments you.  People feed off of your energy.  If you and your partner are in sync and look good together, there is always someone in the wings trying to mess up what you have going. Remember that old saying, Misery Loves Company.  Now, if your relationship is in a good place and you are able to work through your challenges, then a glance from someone across the room will not infiltrate and result in an argument that could ruin your day.

I am going to let you in on a secret. The more desirable your partner feels, the more confident they are going to feel in bed! Here is what you can do, if your partner does attract a lot of attention, point it out to them. Say hey “they are really trying to flirt with you”. Now, what this does is boost their confidence, thereby releasing happy endorphins that add to your positive point score for the day.

Are you in a relationship where your partner often feels Challenged? I will discuss this further in my next blog! However, I will leave you with this… I feel I need to note that jealousy (to a limit) is perfectly natural and healthy. A jealous partner means that they are  invested in you and a lot of people like it when their partner gets a little jealous.  A little jealousy can improve bedroom relations. However, when jealousy is taken to the limit where you feel as though you have to compromise who you are, then new boundaries may have to be set! Comprising yourself can result in feelings of resentment. So, I will conclude by saying that compliments build healthy relationships which in term equals good sex! Have Fun!

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