New Year's Resolutions

Creating New Year’s Resolutions That Work!

1. Why do people make New Year’s Resolutions? As…

How to see your Partner through those Hard Times!

Many of us believe that marriage/long-term love is this…

What is a Side Piece!

What is a side piece? A girl on the side, a girl you call…
Energy Vampires, Energy Drainers

Energy Drainers-They will suck you dry!

  Energy Drainers Why is it important to watch…

How do you know it is time to commit yourself to new relationship?

How do you know it is time to commit yourself to a new relationship?

Are you a predator or the prey?

Initial Session is Free! Did you know that there are people…
Jasmine Myers Gulfport Famous Life Coach

Stages of Dating! Video Blog!

When dating, a couple goes through a series of stages. If you…

How to tell your partner you are upset, without causing them to get defensive….

  Often, when someone does something to you that…

How do you feel when others find your partner attractive? The truth is this can help your love life!

I posted this question on Facebook and received an overwhelming…

Meet Team Fusion #364 and Myers Life Coaching at Edgewater Mall 7/11/15 from 11:00am to 5:00pm!

Myers Life Coaching and  Robotics Team Fusion #364 will…

Relationship Commitment! A Self-Coaching Tool?

Relationship Commitment. We all want to know if the person…

Appreciate Yourself: Success Story 3

This post includes my third personal success story.  I decided…