You Can Fix Your Relationship-Course

If you are arguing always, going to bed angry, backs to each other…then this course is for you!

This course is full of actionable strategies to fix your relationship!

This program will give you actionable steps and activities to mend your relationship challenges. You will gain unequivocal insight and self-awareness that will take your understanding of life and love to the next level. You will gain insight from both a spiritual and psychological perspective that is backed by over 14 years of education and life. This content is taken from the specialized schools of thought in anger management, couples coaching and clinical mental health counseling. I saw a unique opportunity to combine these backgrounds to meet couples and individuals on their level. Furthermore, this content is geared towards achieving results. I have seen marriages come back from the brink of divorce. I have seen individuals manage their anger in provocative situations. I have seen people achieve change! The course is outlined in the following ways…

1. Week 1: Be Courage’s-Speak Your Mind! 
2. Week 2: Be Calm- Learn how to manage your anger! 
3. Week 3: Be Assertive-Learn how to win/win your arguments! 
4. Week 4: Be Respected-Learn how to uphold respect! 
5. Week 5 5: Be Loved-Learn how to make your partner feel loved! 
6. Week 6: Be Heard-Learn how to listen to each other!
7. Week 7: Be Fun-Learn how to have fun again! 
8. Week 8: Be Intimate-Learn how to physically connect! 
9. Week 9: Be Trusted-Learn

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