Are you a predator or the prey?

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Stages of Dating! Video Blog!

When dating, a couple goes through a series of stages. If you…

How to tell your partner you are upset, without causing them to get defensive….

  Often, when someone does something to you that…
jealousy control

There is such a thing as too much jealousy..

  If your partner accuses you of flirting with every…

Meet Team Fusion #364 and Myers Life Coaching at Edgewater Mall 7/11/15 from 11:00am to 5:00pm!

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Relationship Commitment! A Self-Coaching Tool?

Relationship Commitment. We all want to know if the person…

Appreciate Yourself: Success Story 3

This post includes my third personal success story.  I decided…
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Do people get defensive when you try to communicate with them?

Bad communication is often characterized by the use of “you” language. For example “you are...”, “you should...,” you people...,” and “you better...”. These directives come across as demanding, passing judgment, or like you are ordering people around.
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