Trust is a product of vulnerability…


Trust is necessary for a relationship to grow. Having trust in a relationship, means that you can be vulnerable with your partner. Vulnerability allows love to grow.  What does trust mean?

  • Based upon my experiences trust means that you don’t have to feel some type of way, when your partner picks up your phone.
  • Trust means that you have nothing to worry about when you look at your partner’s phone.
  • Trust means that you do not have to worry about you partner flirting with others when you go out in public.
  • Trust means that you do not have to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or condemned when you share your feelings.
  • Trust means that you do not have to worry about your partner trying to flirt with your friends.
  • Trust means that you do not feel the need to follow them around.
  • Trust means that you do not have to check their pockets.
  • Trust means that you can trust that they will not take advantage of you financially.
  • Trust means that you can trust that person to be responsible with family, friends, and children.

I can go on and on. Ultimately, a trusting relationship is one in which partners are allies, not foes. Long-lasting couples manage to keep this vulnerability alive. Each person’s awareness of the importance of partnership underlies his or her attentiveness to the other. This type of love focuses on the partnership and the ability to put the other first.

Such trust comes easily at a relationship’s beginning. Lust, attraction and novelty keep us glued to each other when we fall in love. It’s in the next phase, when routines and irritations set in, that a couple is tested. Deep connectedness — is a choice. Feeling your partner’s triumphs and setbacks as your own — is a hallmark of the early stages of love. We are careful with our words and behavior and take care not to wound the other. We all need someone we can rely on in order to maintain a sense of wellbeing. Having this security in a relationship allows a couple to grow together and apart.

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