Manifestation requires that you Turn Abraham Maslow’s The Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid upside down: Abraham- The collective of Abraham

This is my first blog regarding my channeling of the collective called Abraham. Many are familiar with Abraham as per the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks. The collective of Abraham is an energetic consciousness. This consciousness is multidimensional, multi-faceted and of multi-consciousness that comes from the non-physical dimension. They offer blocks of thought that is received at a subconscious level. Furthermore, in this meditation it was revealed the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs requires some fine tuning.

Maslow’s pyramid is a linear model that reflects the idea that we progress through a series of motivational steps; first we need to satisfy basic physiological needs like hunger and thirst, then we need to worry about safety, followed by social needs/affiliation – for affection and respect (making friends and allies, maintaining friendships, being accepted, being part of a group).  This is followed by esteem and feelings of self-love and Self-Actualization. Maslow argued that, with all those basic needs met, we would then move on to “self-actualization” which he defined as: “the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.” (Maslow, 1943, pp. 382-383).

Self-Actualization is at the tip of the pyramid. This model places self-actualization far away from attainment. Furthermore, Maslow notes that few individuals reach self-actualization and names to the following names; Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Elanor Roosevelt, Aldous Huxley, Walt Whitman, and Mother Theresa. Now this list to most in 1943 is quite intimidating. It creates the perception that self-actualization is something that most of cannot meet. It also creates the perceptions that self-actualization is out of reach. However, we must meet self-actualization, esteem and love and belonging to maintain our safety and physiological needs.

As a Business Psychologist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor, this model has reverberated throughout my academic and professional career. I have used this tool clinical to help clients understand why they are not making progress towards goals. Often clients that are struggling with homelessness, financial difficulty, safety, health and all other needs are often unable to think about managing their mood, anxiety, impulses, frustration tolerance and focus. With this being said, in my channeled session, Abraham reveled to me that the Maslow’s Pyramid will keep people stuck right in the place they do not want to be. These clients need housing, income, safety, nutrition, etc, however they have pinched themselves off from love with fear.

Maslow’s pyramid forces us to look at our needs proportionally. A large proportion of the triangle is rooted in the physiological and safety needs. With focusing our energy on safety and physiological needs keeps us away from (pinches us off) from security.  Love for self allows one to pursue new opportunities, take initiative, connect with others, be loved, be happy, be at peace and be within one’s purpose. You cannot have safety and physiological needs if you are stuck in lack. Focusing on lack creates more lack energetically.

Focusing on what you don’t have creates anxiety, which causes us to behave in ways that do not follow reasoning, acceptance and willingness. For example, I grew up in a household where individuals would worry about having enough money to put food on the table. In doing this, credit was acquired and used, without thought about repayment, interest rates etc. These action that were taken in fear of not having enough resulted in poor credit and more debt. It can easily become a vicious cycle that many people find themselves in. If one can function outside of fear, from that place of knowing, they will take more planned, strategic and confident action towards goals.  We cannot have wealth, safety friendships without esteem and self-actualization. Self-actualization through self-awareness should be at the bottom of the pyramid and something that we should all seek to understand.

Understanding what self-actualization means to you will help you require all your 7 basic needs. You are the creator of your own experience. It is up to you. Many people get caught in a victim mentality where everything is happening to you. However, how are influencing what is happening to you. What thoughts do you have that are perpetuating the patterns and behaviors that you keep finding yourself in. I want to leave you with some ways upon to work on the self-actualized you. Positively affirm yourself throughout the day. As you reach self-actualization you will release negative and dense thinking patterns. As you release the thinking patterns you will create space in your heart and energy field. You will need to fill this space with love. If it is left open, negative energy can creep back in. Focus on gently coaching yourself. Focus on saying things to yourself that align with love….

  • You are doing exceptionally well.
  • You are choosing love.
  • You are choosing peace.
  • You are choosing abundance.
  • You are choosing love.
  • You chose compassion.
  • You choose acceptance.
  • You choose newness.
  • You choose enthusiasm.
  • You choose new smells.
  • You choose new tastes.
  • You choose new sights.
  • You choose new sounds.
  • You choose new experiences.
  • You are choosing peace.
  • You are choosing abundance.
  • You are choosing to be kind to yourself and others.
  • You were able to step back for the ego and choose love.
  • Your higher self is working with you daily.
  • You are not choosing lack.
  • You are choosing non-judgement.
  • You are crafty.
  • You are creative.
  • You are whole.
  • You are perfect just as you are.
  • You are not pinching yourself off from new opportunities.
  • You are choosing self-actualization

Self- actualization should not be considered an afterthought. It should be considered a forethought. Turn the pyramid upside down. Focus on spirituality. God/source/ the universe did not choose lack for you. In your birth here on earth, you were taught to choose lack in that it keeps you safe and secure. I challenge you to think about the story of scrooge this holiday season. His fear for a loss of money pinched himself off from love. Money is not the root of evil. It is how you choose to perceive money. It is your choice in this dualistic reality. Self- actualization is knowing who you are. You do not attract what you want. You attract who you are. Turn the pyramid upside down.