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What is Good Sex?


The mouth! Useful for kissing and other orally administered forms of arousal it’s also a tool for communication. Try it. Tell your partner what you want. Ask them what they like. Shoot for trust and openness.

Insecurity will always want you to love with one-foot-in and one-foot out. No one wants to get hurt, feel, or look stupid. Ultimately, good sex requires that you abandon all fear, all hesitation, all doubt, and take the plunge. Good sex also requires a partner that you can trust. Be patient with each other, rather than trying to contrive where you are going to have sex, take risk and trust that you will be better off letting the opportunity for sex come to you at the right time.

Like love, sexuality isn’t something you need to study, practice, or rehearse; it’s something you need to release. Toxic attitudes such as, “I was always taught that sex was dirty”, “I need to stay in control”, “I can’t let her think I’m not a man”, and “I’ve got to dominate” are learned insecurities. Think of your sexual experience as a mirror reflecting the quality of your relationship. If the reflection is boring, mechanical, dull, then you may still be caught up in maintaining control. If the reflection is a one-sided attempt to meet your personal need, then you are detached from your partner. If on the other hand, your reflection reveals connectedness, adventurousness, and excitement then you are allowing love and freedom to steer your sexual life.

Here are seven signs that you are holding it down in the bed!

  1. dreamstimefree_95638 loveYour partner clenches his feet (your partner is holding on for dear life).
  2. Does your partners legs shake (a nap should follow).
  3. They want to do it again right away (they can’t get enough).
  4. They remain really flirty afterwards (they’re building up anticipation).
  5. Your partner is very touchy feely throughout the day (They are aroused).
  6. They tell you it was awesome (if a guy tells you this, take it to heart).
  7. It was great for you (If it sucked for you, it probably sucked to them).

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