How to deal with those annoying coworkers?

Social Media Time Wasting

One of the most distracting aspects at work other than checking in on your phone is social media scrolling. How many times have you intended just to check your notifications and then looked at the clock only to notice you have lost 45 minutes?

Or perhaps you went down the hole of link clicking, it is hard to say how much of your work day will be lost. Social media is the number one way of losing valuable work time.

Lack Of Quality Sleep

By not getting enough sleep on a daily basis has the ability to affect your attention span and short term memory. Sleep is an essential aspect of life and needed for the mind to rest and restore itself on a nightly basis. A lack of sleep can lead to a state of confusion and makes it difficult to tend to the tasks at hand. Make sure you are getting enough sleep with a comfortable Tempurpedic mattress.

Too few hours of a solid sleep will lead to decreased accuracy, memory and thinking speed all of which impact your focus level. Sadly, this form of behavior may begin to feel normal after an extended period of missing sleep over time will negatively affect your professional and personal life.

How To Regain Your Focus At Work Even With ADHD

Remove Negativity

Perhaps there are issues at home or something else that may be leaving you feeling negative. In addition, your co-workers can add to your feelings of negativity. Negativity has a way of drowning you and leaving you dissatisfied with every aspect of life. When you are feeling negative, it can be quite difficult to focus on the tasks at hand.

If you have been holding onto anger or negativity for a long period of time and it has nothing to do with work, you must find a way to resolve those issue and focus on the present. It is possible for you to change your way of thinking and influence how your day is going to be.

Water Needs

When your body is dehydrated, your concentration is not going to be top-notch.

Several studies have shown that individuals dealing with reduced motor skills, decreased attention and a lack of goals have not hydrated their bodies/ It is rather quick to become dehydrated throughout the day, which is why it is important to drink all day long. One of the quickest and easiest steps to maintain focus is by simply drinking more water.


While many people try to multitask to get more accomplished throughout the day, it tends to harm your overall concentration. Instead of solely concentrating on one task and doing it to the best of your abilities, you are spreading your concentration to thin and not getting anything really accomplished.

Our brains are only wired to do one to two things at a time, so focus on those and do your best. By following these simple tips you will see an increase in your overall productivity at work as well as a true sense of fulfillment in your life.