Top Tips On How To Manage Stress When Searching For A Job

Top Tips On How To Manage Stress When Searching For A Job

Top Tips On How To Manage Stress When Searching For A Job

Finding a new job can be an arduous and overwhelming experience which can lead to job hunting stress. The stress caused by the search for a job can have detrimental mental and physical effects which can slow you down. This is why it is imperative that job seekers try to reduce the anxiety that is associated with the search work. Managing stress is important for good mental health and professional success. You may have a desire to work on the other side helping people with their job searches, read these tips for becoming a career coach.

Below are five useful, practical and important tips on how to manage stress when searching for a job.

  1. Set Job Hunting Goals and Deadlines

Searching for a job can even be more overwhelming if you are only focused on getting employment. Focusing on employment alone can be demotivating especially during the first stages of a job hunt. It can also lead to discouragement especially if you are taking all the right steps in your search and applying a lot of effort to the process.

To counter the lack of motivation and discouragement, it is good that you set manageable deadlines and give yourself deadlines to work towards. For example, during the job search process, you can use the first week to update your resume and cover letter and then use the following week to update your social media handles on platforms such as LinkedIn. This will make your job search process more feasible, increase your motivation and reduce the stress associated with the process.

  1. Always Stay Positive

When looking for a job, it is crucial that you approach the whole process with a lot of positivity and tackle one task at a time. Recruitment managers usually appreciate candidates who approach the search for a job with positivity.

It is especially hard to stay positive when all your applications are rejected. Keep in mind that there will always be times when your application is rejected when you are looking for a job. To stay positive, remember that there will always be other prospective employers seeking exactly what you have to offer.

Whenever you are faced with rejection, learn to use the rejection as a learning experience as you will no doubt learn something that will help you when you are making future applications. After getting rejected for a post, consider asking the recruitment manager to offer you insight on where they thought you were lacking and where you can improve in the future. Though the recruiter may be too busy to provide the feedback you seek, it is important to show that you are always looking to develop your skills. Keep in mind that one of the best gifts that constructive criticism is one of the best gifts that you can be given by a prospective employer.

Whenever you feel downcast because of a rejected application, think of other things that you have achieved in the past. For example, think about your talents, passions and past success to draw inspiration as you continue with your job hunt.

  1. Take a Break Occasionally

If you are constantly on the hunt for a job, it is very easy to experience burn out. To avoid burn out, take some time off, enjoy time with friends, take part in fun activities and enjoy your hobbies. This will help take your mind off from the application process and lower your levels of stress.

During your breaks, consider trying some stress relief techniques. For example, you can try reading a book, trying some breathing exercises, meditation, exercising or any other activity that can help you lower your stress levels.

  1. Celebrate Your Successes

When searching for employment, it is easy to only focus on the present and future while forgetting the past. For example, going through one application process, you may just focus on the next move instead of pausing and celebrating how far you have come and what you have achieved. Even if you may not have gotten your desired job, do not forget to look at how far you have come to get where you are and all the milestones you have achieved.

As you are hunting for a job, do not forget to reward yourself. You can do this by taking a break and enjoying a nice meal of having some fun time with friends. This can lower your anxiety levels and improve your self-confidence as you push through with hunting for a job.

  1. Know When Your Anxiety Becomes Serious

It is imperative that you understand when your job search anxiety culminates to serious levels. Excess anxiety can be reflected through sleeping problems, excessive worry, panic attacks and even muscle tension. When your anxiety reaches such levels, it might be time to get help by talking to somebody. You can either seek help and guidance from a trusted friend, a family member or a trained professional. Remember that your job search anxiety can exacerbate your existing stress levels.