12 Week Marriage Coaching Program

Relationship Coaching – Conflict Resolution Skills – Identify Ideal Partner – Giving & Receiving Feedback

Can’t explain why your partner’s so hostile, withdrawn, cranky, or defiant?

Myers Life Coaching will help you identify the challenges within your relationship that are preventing you from both moving to the next level. Remember a relationship is 50/50, if you can understand the concept of control and insecurity you will better understand why you or your partner do appalling things to each other.

In order for a relationship to be healthy, boundaries, respect, open communication and cooperation must be present. Many people have difficulty in all four of these areas. Their partners are avoidant, frustrated, selfish, and pulling away. Myers Life Coaching will help you respond to these behaviors. We help couples to stop reacting by identifying patterns of behavior that can be changed to reestablish boundaries, respect, communication and cooperation.

With our help you can break unhealthy patterns. We are passionate about helping you establish loving, passionate, lasting romantic relationships. Whether you receive coaching alone, or with your partner, we will show you how to make small changes that can have significant impact on the way you and your partner relate to one another. You will gain perspective on the present and future with new eyes and an open heart.


12 Week Marriage Coaching Program

12 Week Marriage Coaching Program

#Savelove Try our 12 week couples coaching program! Gain insight from both a minister & psychologist with over 22 years of education combined! We specialize in anger management, couples coaching and career planning! We saw a unique opportunity to combine our backgrounds to meet couples and individuals on their level and provide both the male and female perspective from a spiritual standpoint.We love to see our clients achieve results. We have seen marriages come back from the brink of divorce. We have seen individuals manage their anger in provocative situations. We have seen people achieve change! Here is what the program covers!

1. Week 1: Be Courage’s-Speak Your Mind!
2. Week 2: Be Calm- Learn how to manage your anger!
3. Week 3: Be Assertive-Learn how to win/win your arguments!
4. Week 4: Be Respected-Learn how to uphold respect!
5. Week 5: Be Loved-Learn how to make your partner feel loved!
6. Week 6: Be Heard-Learn how to listen to each other!
7. Week 7: Be Fun-Learn how to have fun again!
8. Week 8: Be Intimate-Learn how to physically connect!
9. Week 9: Be Trusted-Learn how to rebuild trust!
10. Week 10: Be Forgiven-Learn how to forgive your partner!
11. Week 11: Be Valued- Learn how to honor your partner!
12. Week 12: Be Goal Driven-Learn how to work towards to your relationship goals!


Life happens. We have all experienced adversity. Things come up that you never expected, things like sickness, job changes, financial problems, and more. Sometimes life circumstances can make relationships tough. Even when there are good changes like the birth of a child, the purchase of a new home, or the start of a new and better job, a strain can be added to your relationship. If you feel like you’re in that place today, I’ve got something that could help. It’s called “Save Love” and it’s a resource that offers tips and solutions for doing just that—saving your relationship. Email us with what you would like to see change in your relationship!

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