Fix Your Relationship Today!

We will help you learn the skills necessary to fix your relationship.  If you are ready to openly communicate your concerns, desires and hopes for the future, our couples coaching program will help you. We do this because we know that God has brought us together to support couples in saving love.

  1. Be Courage’s-Speak Your Mind!
    2.  Be Calm- Learn how to manage your anger!
    3.  Be Assertive-Learn how to win/win your arguments!
    4. Be Respected-Learn how to uphold respect!
    5. Be Loved-Learn how to make your partner feel loved!
    6. Be Heard-Learn how to listen to each other!
    7. Be Fun-Learn how to have fun again!
    8. Be Intimate-Learn how to physically connect!
    9. Be Trusted-Learn how to rebuild trust!
    10. Be Faithful-Learn how to forgive your partner!
    11. Be forgiven- Learn how to honor your partner!
    12. Be Goal Driven-Learn how to work towards to your relationship goals!