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With 1 to 1 coaching, experiential exercises and 24/7 crisis support, you will gain unequivocal insight and self-awareness that will take your understanding of life and love to the next level. You will gain insight from both a energy healer and psychologist. Our content is taken from the specialized schools of thought in anger management, couples coaching and clinical mental health counseling. We saw a unique opportunity to combine both the male and female perspective to meet couples and individuals on their level. We achieve results. We have seen marriages come back from the brink of divorce. We have seen individuals manage their anger in provocative situations. We have seen people achieve change!


My husband had an affair with a co-worker. I started coaching sessions with the Myers by myself and 3 weeks into coaching I confronted my husband and he confessed. I gave him the Myers number and he decided to do the program with me.  Three months later we saved our marriage and began the process of healing. There is still pain and healing to be completed, but we are on our way to getting our lives back and saving our marriage and family. If your marriage is in crisis, work with the Myers!
Debra Zabinski, Registered Nurse


I was on the verge of divorce and ruining not only my life but 2 beautiful children's as well and I searched and searched for answers on how to save my marriage and after an exhaustive search, stumbled upon the Myers. Long story short... we mended our relationship by starting to date again even while she was living somewhere else. It was crazy but the relationship we have now is better and stronger than it ever was. Date night at our favorite seafood restaurant every weekend…annual trips just the two of us without the kids and a bunch of other things you nailed. Thank you so much for all your help!
Gregory Nicholson, Shipyard Supervisor


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