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Anger Management Coaching Metairie and New Orleans

Anger Management Coaching in Metairie and New Orleans

For those who live in the greater Metairie and New Orleans area, Myers Life Coaching offers a solution that will help control your anger issues. For most people, anger is a temporary emotional state that quickly fades and remains under control. However, there are those who have difficulty in keeping their anger in check and need assistance.

That is where Myers Life Coaching comes in to help. A cognitive behavioral program designed to help the individual take control of their anger, this is a proven system that has helped people around the country take back their emotional control when their anger starts to rise.

What is Anger Management Coaching?

This is a process where individuals who have the desire and willingness to overcome their anger issues can receive the help they need. The coaching itself starts with an honest assessment of the current state of the individual and the challenges they face. The next step is the identification of where action can be taken so that the desired outcome can be achieved. An individual is then trained in the skills of conflict management so that their internal feelings do not drive their actions.

Many people ask the question, ‘Do  need a life coach?” What makes the Myers Life Coaching a unique and effective program, living in the Metairie and New Orleans area is how the individual is evaluated and treated so they can experience real results which can be used on a daily basis. The coaching itself provides the following benefits for those who are experiencing anger issues that they have difficulty controlling.

        Provides Effective Support

        Offer Clear Goals and Proper Values

        Charts the Progress of the Individual

        Delivers Effective Objectivity

        Offers Honest Evaluations

        Uses Proactive Assignments and Positive Resources

        Stays with the Individual for Future Counselling

All of the attributes delivered by Myers Life Coaching provides the individual with the recognition of their anger trigger points, how to pull in their feelings when it is provoked, and use effective strategies to keep their anger under check and resolve situations.

How Anger Management Coaching Works for You

For those living in New Orleans or Metairie anger management coaching offers a number of benefits that can help turn around your life. The coaching provides a number of tools that you can use to help control anger issues that keeps your stress levels down and improve the quality of your life.

        Identifies Triggers for Anger

        Teaches Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, and Forgiveness

        Helps you Become Assertive, Empathetic, and Humble

Plus, with Myers Life Coaching Metairie and New Orleans residents learn relaxation techniques and skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. You will learn the techniques needed to change your behavior when it comes to facing situations that have triggered your anger in the past. If you live in the greater Metairie and New Orleans area, Myers Life Coaching can help you with anger management issues so you can lead a better, healthier, and happier life.

Myers Life Coaching Anger Management Workbook!

Myers Life Coaching Anger Management Workbook!

Our Anger Management curriculum  is ideal for self-referrals, corporate clients, business professionals, court referred clients, couples and those interested in improving relationships with others. Our sessions are facilitated by Dr. Jasmine Myers and are based on the Anger Management Institute Model which is a cognitive-behavioral and psycho-educationally based model approved by the National Anger Management Association.

Anger Management Program Structure

We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions for court, probation ordered or mandated clients and self-referrals. All participants will receive progress reports and a “Certificate of Completion” once their hours are completed. Clients will be provided with anger management worksheets and homework during each session. The client will also leave with an action plan. Sessions are scheduled by appointment, held at 1 Galleria Blvd., Unit 1900, Metairie, LA 70001.
Life Coaching husband and wife team devoted to helping people build the skills necessary to overcome life stresses such as work conflict, jealousy, mis-trust, aggression and insecurities. Gain insight from both a minister & psychologist with over 22 years of education combined! Phone us at (504)-641-4244. You can now book your sessions right from our Facebook page, just click on the book now app or use the below link.

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